My First Hackathon!

This weekend1 I participated in my first hackathon, IBM’s Call for Code. I entered on a whim, and found out one of my close friends Matt Brown was attending as well. We decided to form a team and give it our best shot, though we went in with no idea, and not expecting to stay the night. In the end, we came up with an idea, and got so involved that we spent the full 24 hours prototyping it, ultimately winning third place!

  1. I am writing this post in November because school is super busy, but for 

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Fall Update

Just a quick update on my life and the status of this blog. I’ve started classes for my second year at RPI, and my summer internship at 3M went so well that they’ve hired me part-time for this fall!

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Hello World

Hi there, and thanks for checking out my site! I’m Linus, and I plan on using this site as a sort of portfolio/blog for my various software and hardware projects. Some context: It’s the end of freshman year, I have finals coming up in a few weeks, and then a summer internship at 3M. Luckily, I’ve managed to find some free time to get this blog set up, and I have a big trello board of projects just waiting to go. More to come!

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